GAN 12 M LEAP 3x3

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The GAN12 M Leap 3x3 is the latest 3x3 from GAN. This version of the flagship puzzle includes adjustable magnets in the pieces, and an adjustable spring compression/tension system. The 12 M Leap has a frosted outer finish with vibrant stickerless bright shades.

If you're interested in the MagLev version of this puzzle, you can find it here.

Comes with:

  • Tuning Tutorial
  • GAN Cube Box
  • GAN Cube Bag
  • CFOP Tutorial
  • Tuning rod + Hexagonal magnet bar
  • GAN ID Card
Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Gross Weight 222g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 61.0g