MoYu Weilong AI CUBE

Cube Jango

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The MoYu WeiLong AI Bluetooth 3x3 is MoYu's first smart cube release! What immediately sets the WeiLong AI apart from other smart cubes is the cube itself.

The cube is essentially a WR M 2020 with a gyroscope which means that you will be able to speed cube without any limitations!

The free downloadable app contains many features that will help you not only improve your times but also have tons of fun!

Disclaimer: Make sure the bottom of the charging base is set to "C". Only use setting "D" if the cube is not charging normally. For more information, refer to the included documentation.

Included extras

  • Charging base
  • Charging cable
  • Center cap set (without charging holes)
  • Spring compression tool
Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoYu
Type 3x3
Gross Weight 424g
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 80.0g