GAN 356 XS

Cube Jango

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The GAN356XS is the latest innovative 3x3 speedcube design rolled out by GANCUBE.

GAN356 XS features:

  • A whole new design which significantly reduces speedcube weight to merely 67g, giving it a super lightweight yet stable experience
  • Comes with GMS V2 with 3 toggle positions to choose from
  • GES PRO which allows elasticity and tension adjustment with ease
  • Consisting of dual numerical ipg core with numerical variable nuts which allows more flexibility to set up the cube and 6 tension levels to optimize your cube performance
  • Comes with the same corner cutting performance as GAN356 X, with an additional frosted stickerless design which separates the cube from its predecessors!
  • Available in half bright stickered and full bright stickerless version

Note : The core is now made out of plastic, therefore any adjustments must be carried out with care to prevent damages to the cube

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56

Full-Bright Frosted Stickerless


Half-Bright Stickered


67g (Black)

68g (Stickerless)

Warning: Please keep away from children and avoid swallowing