YJ MGC 6x6 M

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The YJ MGC 6x6 M is the very first magnetic 6x6 release by YongJun Toys under its 'MGC' line up.

The MGC 6x6 M features:

  • Multi-layer internal design which provides additional stability to the speedcube
  • A wider outer layer that speeds up the solving experience
  • Small and light weight design compared to other 6x6 magnetic speedcubes, at just 65mm wide
  • A simple anti-sticking contact surface which provides smoother experience on every single rotation
  • An exquisite-looking packaging box containing:
    • 2 sets of extra springs of different strength
    • A screwdriver
    • 8 pieces of replacement magnets
  • Available in Stickerless and Black version
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
65 x 65 x 65



Half-Bright Stickered

Weight 174g