GAN 11 M Pro

Cube Jango

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The GAN 11 M Pro features the world's first Omni-directional core positioning system. The GAN 11 M Pro features 64 pieces of precisely allocated magnets including core and edge magnetic system.

The GAN 11 M Pro now comes with GMS v3 which comes with 3 magnetic position and an extra set of interchangeable magnetic core stem which is attached to the base of the corner piece. The magnetic core stems are removable to turn your cube into a normal magnetic cube.

The GAN 11M Pro now weighs even lighter than it's previous flagship, the GAN356 XS, at just 63g. The GES Pro, a combination of GTN and Numerical tuning are built into this cube, allowing extra room for elasticity adjustment.

Enhanced surface coating options: UV Coated and Soft Texture version are available.

UV Coated - Improved wear and scratch resistance through surface hardening process.

Soft Texture Coated - Rubber-like texture, soft to touch and less prone to light reflection.

The GAN 11 M Pro comes with:

  • GAN Cube Bag
  • GAN Tutorial Pamphlet
  • GAN Box V7 (Push and Pop design)
  • Extra GES and Adjustment tool
  • Extra magnetic core stem with case
  • Screwdriver
  • GAN VIP Card
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Color Full-Bright Stickerless
Weight 63g