GAN 356 R S

Cube Jango

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GAN 356 RS is an upgrade from its 3x3 speedcube predecessor, GAN356R. It features most of the exclusive features found on the GAN356 X and XS premium series.

The GAN356RS features:

  • A whole new IPG Numerical system with 2 adjustable tensions
  • A new plastic core, similar to the GAN356XS
  • Brand new Honeycomb v2 textures on the contacting surfaces
  • Rounded edge pieces
  • New matte(frosted)-textured surface similar to GAN356XS
  • Supports GAN Robot smart solve

No adjustment tool is provided since it is upgraded to IPG numerical version.


Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Sticker GAN Frosted Stickerless
Weight 76g

Warning: Avoid swallowing