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The MoFang JiaoShi RS3 M 2020 is the most economic-friendly magnetic 3x3 speed cube by famous budget cube brand MoYu. The RS3 M 2020 is a revamp of its predecessor, the RS3 M.

The MFJS RS3 M 2020 features:

  • A brand new puzzle mechanism design
  • A more vibrant color profile
  • Precise factory installed magnets
  • A rounded-square center piece design
  • MoYu’s classic dual adjustment system
  • Free adjustment tools
  • Free moyu cube stand
  • Instruction manuals and extra VIP cards included
  • All these features provides overall performance improvements, at a reduced cost
Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
56 x 56 x 56
Color Full-Bright Stickerless (MoYu Color Scheme)
Weight 85.6g