QiYi Valk 4 M Standard MAG | Strong MAG

Cube Jango

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Available in two different models, Strong Or Standard.

  • Strong Version: Better magnetic strength, similar to AoSu GTS 2M / WuQue M.
  • Standard Version: Weaker magnet, giving a lighter feel to the cube.
  • Features a smaller dimension of 60mm in width
  • Lightweight at just 141.2g
  • Precisely position magnet slots pre-build in the pieces for optimum performance\
  • Primer lining makes up the�inner part of the cube
  • Seamless contact surface of the whole cube
  • Wider external layer for better solving experience
  • Optimized rounder curve around the�corner of the cube.

Comes with Valk Box, display cards and interchangeable springs for tension adjustment.

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
60 x 60 x 60




Weight 80g