DaYan TengYun 3x3 V2 M

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The DaYan TengYun V2 M is one of the best magnetic 3x3 released by DaYan, featuring new functions and increased complexity. DaYan TengYun v2 M is a brand new upgrade from its predecessor, the DaYan TengYun M 3x3 featuring a brand new design and overall improvements.

The DaYan TengYun V2 M features:

  • 12 Rotatable Magnetic Plates which come with 3 levels of adjustable magnetic strengths
  • Octagon-shaped elasticity adjustment system (4 options)
  • Hexagon-shaped tension adjustment system (4 options)
  • Both new adjustment systems does not require component changing
  • Supports manual precise tension adjustment
  • Iconic wave-like groove design on corner pieces
  • Silent and smooth solving experience

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5

Half-Bright Stickerless


Half-Bright Stickers

Weight 83.0g