Cube Jango

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You might be thinking why the price has almost doubled. It is because the cost price at which we have had to buy the cube is 2.5x the original price. The fact that QiYi does not produce the cube anymore has led to sellers increasing its price. Since there are ACTUALLY very few pieces of the cube in mint new condition, it has made sellers charge us more and we have to unfortunately relay those costs to you. We had the product out of stock for approximately 3 months due to unavailability of stock but we now do have only very limited stock of the cube. So with shipping and packaging costs it's become much higher now. The stock is instantly ready to dispatch.

The QiYi Valk 2 M is the very first 2x2 designed under QiYi's Valk Series. It features a comfortable, slightly bigger width of 51mm, new locking mechanism and rounded corner design for corner cutting.

The main difference in this cube is the magnet placement which is located at the corner pieces and core, allowing precise cube alignment.

Display box, VIP cards, replacement springs and a piece of cloth will be included in the box.

This is the regular magnetic configuration.

Properties Descriptions
Dimension (mm)
51 x 51 x 51

ORACAL Half-Bright Scheme



Weight 80g